Working Through Writers’ Block

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Keeping up with the daily routine of a blog is not the easiest task. A lot of companies want a blog, but don’t realize how hard it is to keep updated content – that is until they realize they haven’t posted anything in 3 months.

Blogging gets even harder when it’s not your full time job and for a lot of people, it isn’t. I personally write for four different blogs and as much as I would like to post something every day on all of them, I just can’t.

Being surrounded by SEO, design, and development all day long between my 9-5 job and freelancing, you would think that I would have a slew of topics to write about, but everyone gets writers’ block occasionally.

A lot of times I think we put too much pressure on ourselves to come up with something fantastic, which doesn't always have to be the case. Take this post for's not earth-shattering information, but it will be useful to someone.

The Easiest Way to Generate Ideas

Listen, listen, listen.

A few months ago I wrote how to get blog post ideas which talked about places you can search to find interesting blog posts, but what if you’re too lazy to do that?

A simple strategy is to talk with people about your subject and they’re bound to give you some topic insight that you can write about. A lot of times it won’t be a completely new topic, but if you can write about the same topic with a different perspective, then that’s good enough.

The company I work for has roughly 100 people from account executives to creative copy writers, and I constantly get asked questions about website optimization, promotion and marketing. When I’m feeling particularly smart, I write down the questions so I can post about it later, sadly that doesn’t always happen. But that doesn’t mean the content isn't there for the taking.

So listen to your peers and they can be a great source of ideas and inspiration.

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