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Wordpress has a number of plugins that can help the performance of your blog, anything from catchy widgets to plugins that are solely developed to increase your exposure on the search engines. On this particular blog I use a few that I’d like to bring your attention to that have helped my performance.

UTW Ultimate Tag Warrior - This plugin gives you the ability to customize the title tag for every post and category. Wordpress straight out of the box has some limitations when it comes to title tags and unless you know a bit about PHP, this plugin is the way to go.

Meta Description - This plugin dynamically pulls the first couple words from your post and places it in the description tag. This way every post will have a unique description and it will definitely help to keep your site out of supplemental hell.

Sitemap Generator - Some say that if your site is well structured then you don’t need to give Google or any other search engine any help, but if it only helps your site, why not. This plugin generates an XML file that automatically updates when you create new posts. It’s great because you can set it and forget it.

Share This - Submitting posts/articles to various social media sites can take some time, and if you count on your users to do it for you, you need to make it as easy as possible. Having 1, 2 or even ten icons below each post can quickly make your blog look like ass. This plugin keeps 14 social media sites cleanly packed away, but available if your users know what to do with it. If you’d like to see an example just click the “Share This” icon below any of my posts.

Feedburner Plugin - Managing your feeds and keeping track of them can be a pain. This plugin turns your RSS feed into a super hero. Optimize your feed, monetize your feed, track your feed, track your audience, track everything…it’s great.

Subscribe to Comments – This plugin doesn’t exactly help the performance of your site but it does help to keep your users informed. I know that when I comment on someone else’s blog and I actually ask a question or would like an answer about something, it’s a pain to constantly check back to see if they’ve responded. This plugin emails you when someone has responded so there’s no guessing. Great time saver.

Like I said, there are hundreds if not thousands of plugins out there and more created every day. Take a little bit of time and research what’s out there and you can definitely make your blog work for you. Am I missing any?

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