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The website design for your small business can be the life or death of your company. Since design is subjective, anyone can instantly be turned off by the design of a website.

Nothing says "small time" faster than an outdated and unloved website, but there are solutions for small businesses that don't require large budgets to throw at the website design and development.

Large Design Agencies

If you go to a large design or advertising agency to have your website designed and developed, chances are you are going to pay the salaries of the 50-100 people that work there. Larger design firms usually have a decent amount of talent behind their walls and there tends to be more checks and balances than the smaller firms; ie designer presents to the art director who then gets the design approved by the creative director. Hopefully, the design will be tightened up considerably before the client ever sees it, but even then you can still get a design that you’re not happy with.

The problem with large firms is that they are typically going to charge you for their work by the hour, so the more questions or concerns you have, the larger your bill gets. Often, a firm will give you a certain amount of revisions. This is something you should understand and be clear on before choosing a firm. Talk to them and make sure you know all the details of their pricing before the project starts.

Small Design Agencies

Smaller firms can usually produce good designs in a timely manner with a decent amount of client interaction, but this option is going to be hit or miss. If a firm only has one or two designers, then you’re basically stuck with whatever they can do. This can potentially work in your favor, or, alternatively, you can have interaction up the wazoo and only end up with a headache when it’s all over.

The only way to preview the style of these smaller firms is to review their portfolios and see if their work is up to your standards. This will be your best indication if they can produce what you’ll need.

Your Best Design Option

The best chance for a small business to end up with a stellar design is to go with a freelancer or a one or two man show. The only problem is how to pick your designer. Many designers, such as myself, who can recommend website design and development services, have worked for larger firms and have a great deal of design experience both in corporate America and neighborhood design.

In my 9-5 jobs I have had projects that range between 1,000 and 100,000 dollars for one site. It is easy for a large firm to get away with charging these prices because they are well established. As a freelancer, I could rarely tell my client their site is going to cost 20,000 at least this year I can’t. Each year that goes by and my name becomes more established on the Internet my prices go up. Just like any profession, you have to pay your dues.

The trick for the small business owner is to find a designer that is in between fame and rent. This is where you’ll find your diamond in the rough. You can find a designer who has a multitude of skills and doesn’t charge an arm and a leg by knowing where to look. The nice thing about a freelance designer is that his or her name is riding on the project as well. A freelancer lives and dies by their design work just like your small business and they will do whatever it takes to creates a stellar design that makes client happy.

Good designers that can deliver what your small business needs aren’t hard to find you just have to know where to look. In my next article, I will tell you where to find these great freelance designers who can help take your business to the next level without breaking your budget.

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