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After getting a client request for a wild and crazy design, I racked my brain thinking about what the client had and hadn’t potentially seen before.

I probably started and stopped on this particular design five different times. Adding to the problem was the fact that this client was fairly familiar with my previous clients and design work. Every time I got close to finishing, I would step back and think that the project wasn’t far enough outside of my design norm. At the end of each version I was able to draw some connection to my previous works, so I would start over.

After finally finishing with something that I could be proud of it was time to present with professionalism. Back story and convincing the client of your work is half the battle when it comes to getting a design approved. I was able to come up with an extensive story about how the fictitious client came to me to design a site for an entirely new demographic. Here were my specs from the project:

Client: Elizabeth Arden

Focus: Design a website to focus on their new perfume that would be targeting a younger age group (12-24).

Back story:

This new website was to cater to younger women who normally wouldn’t be excited by the new line of perfumes by EA. It was young, exciting and fresh, something that was completely opposite of their normal conservative design.

Wild and Crazy design

After I presented my design to the client and went through the entire fictitious story they hung up the phone so that they could talk amongst themselves.

Ten minutes later they called me back and said that the ultimate response was “wow.” Apparently the client told me that they wanted to see wild and crazy and gave me no specific direction on purpose. They wanted to see if I could handle the request and still come up with something exciting. It was basically a psychology test and, fortunately, I passed.

Crazy website design

They were so impressed with my attention to detail and website design that they offered me a job and I happily accepted.

I never realized how important it was to sit down and think through the process of the design. I mean REALLY think through the process. Literally the: who, what, where, why, when and how of the project and actually have an answer for each item. Thankfully, I did it on this project and it couldn’t have worked out better. The BS and the back story was the biggest part of this project and that’s what ultimately landed me the job.

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