The Power of Confrontation

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Many professional bloggers will tell you that creating controversy is a great way to get traffic.

You can read about some of them here, here, and here. Obviously you don’t want to seriously offend anyone but a heated argument is sure to stir the pot. This past week I wrote a post on my design blog, Stealing is Never O.K. and man it got some attention.

I usually only post one or two times a month on that blog because I devote most of my attention to this one. On average I only get about 5 visitors a day on, but this weekend that all changed.

I posted the article on Friday night and when I came into work on Monday I had 49 comments awaiting my approval and when I checked my analytics I had over 8400 visitors over the weekend. My RSS subscribers jumped from 12 to 63 as well.

Creating controversy is a powerful way to get people’s attention and it does work if you can play the right angle.

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