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Freelancing on the side has always been a wonderful perk to choosing a design career. I do feel thankful that I happen to have a job that makes me happy and can enjoy doing all hours of the day.

The downside to having a designer-type personality is that usually we tend to not be as on top of things as we should when it comes to business.

My freelance hours are limited to say the least and choosing the right type of client is just as important as getting new clients. I’ve been looking into customer relationship management applications to see if that might be a solution for developing a more established, organized approach to supplemental income.

For the most part many of these applications do a lot more than what I need as a single freelancer, but I do like their approach to crm as it pertains to my analytics. Analytics are such a huge part of a successful business online and a lot of people do not absorb that information as well as they could. You need to not only know where and how your clients are finding you, but which keywords are converting into sales more so than others.

Taking advantage of lead management software can really help organize your business and make sure that you are following through on every possible lead that comes your way. This really looks like  something that I am going to try out in the future and I’m anxious to see how well it can work.

If you have tried or have any thoughts about crm products please let me know in the comments below.

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