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2006 was a very busy year for me. Alibi Productions has been my home for design and development work ever since I was a student.

I began my first blog on back in March of '06 and then shortly after, I put a blog on Alibi Productions. After those projects were up and running, I put a blog on my other company website that focuses on website development, Wildfire Productions. Wildfire has been extremely busy this past year and with many new clients, it has demanded most of my time.

I try to be as active as possible but Alibi got lost in the mix with all the other blogs and development. When I was redesigning Alibi, I noticed that I had been absent and hadn't posted anything for 5 straight months. That's no bueno. Now that Alibi is back and running in full stride, I am going to give it a great deal of attention.

Alibi is now focused solely on website promotions and marketing strategies, offering free tips and useful resources. If you are looking for development and design solutions, check in with Wildfire. From now on Alibi will be updated on a weekly basis so ya'll come on back now, ya hear.

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