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Keywords, crosslinks, titles… how do all these pieces fit into the puzzle? Learn how a few basic creative copywriting tips can be applied to any site to increase your SEO.

Over the past decade, SEO, or search engine optimization, has become a huge buzzword that puts many companies into a state of frenzy. The majority of Internet traffic is propelled by the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN. If your website is not being found or catalogued by the search engines, you are losing out on an incredible amount of traffic. SEO and creative copywriting is the best way to capitalize on this potential traffic for your website.

Many companies will hire an SEO firm only to leave them months later with no rewards. Nine times out of ten this happens because the SEO firm doesn’t properly explain and give reasonable expectations for their clients. Organic SEO, or listings that are not paid for, take time. One way that you can protect your business when hiring an SEO firm is to learn a few things about SEO, creative copywriting with keywords, and basic tips about implementing effective search engine optimization.

Before hiring any company, ask them exactly how they are going to optimize your website and compare that data with the data from other SEO companies.

Below are a few key SEO copywriting tips that any website can use to begin to succeed on the search engines. These tips in no way complete your search engine optimization, but they are a start.

SEO CopywritingTips

Unique and Descriptive Titles

According to the W3C, a page title should be no more than 70 characters. Anything over this figure won’t get listed. Stuffing your title with multiple keywords is not a successful SEO copywriting technique and its not going to help your website rank well for your key terms.

Instead, it's better to keep your titles short, descriptive, and to the point. Often you can search on many social media sites like twitter, facebook,, digg and reddit to see what users are looking for. You can adjust your titles to reflect popular terms and phrasing. You can also pay attention to pay-per-click ads.

Many times companies will have an entire department that is devoted to the marketing of their pay-per-click ads, so their ad verbiage is thoroughly researched and by learning from their target marketing techniques, you won’t have to do as much research.

Understanding this simple, effective SEO copywriting tip can make a big impact on the overall success of your campaign.

Targeted Keywords

Natural and organic SEO is organized by targeting specific keywords and phrases in the content of your website. To decide what keywords your website will target, you must first analyze what keywords get traffic and the percentage of traffic they receive.

Target reasonable keywords

The first mistake that a lot of inexperienced optimizers make is targeting keywords that have a great deal of competition. This method can seriously backfire and waste many hours of analyzing data. If you are targeting keywords that everybody else is, then you can assume that the traffic is very competitive on those terms. Check out the competition of each keyword before you decide that term.

insert competition image

As an alternative, with creative copywriting, your SEO can target “long-tail” keywords. Long tail keywords are 3 or 4 word combinations that are very specific and usually have less traffic and competition. These combinations also target users who are closer to buying a specific service or product. SEO with less competitive keywords can greatly increase both website traffic and sales conversions.

Examples of long tail keywords

Let's say, for example, that your company provides mountain biking excursions on Majestic Mountain.

Using a keyword like mountain biking, you are competing for traffic that can include a diverse set of needs, from general questions about mountain biking to searches about gear, training, or tours in other parts of the country. And, with nearly 3 million competing sites on Google, you probably won't have much success ranking for the term unless your website has EVERYTHING to do with mountain biking. Typically, however, more highly indexed and comprehensive sites such as or will be highly ranked for these general searches.

mountain biking -

2,980,000 results on Google

By targeting a term like mountain biking on Majestic Mountain, you narrow the field down considerably by attracting users who are actually interested in your specific service: mountain biking on Majestic Mountain. Not only will you have a better chance of ranking for the term, but you will also achieve more qualified leads by targeting terms that are more specific to your business.

mountain biking on majestic mountain -

888,000 results on Google

Keywords in Your Crosslinks

Keywords in your crosslinks are a huge part of SEO and this factor can be frequently overlooked. Even SEO companies and creative copywriting professionals can fail to incorporate these tips into their SEO strategy. Search engines travel from website to website through links. One way that Google, Yahoo, and MSN analyze the value of your site is through the inbound links pointing to it. One of the most beneficial SEO copywriting tips is to incorporate the use of keywords in your crosslinks, both throughout your site and from external sites.

Examples of keywords in your crosslinks:

Poor linking - To learn how to clean stainless steel pots and pans after those messy holiday meals, click here.

Quality linking - Learn how to clean stainless steel pots and pans after those messy holiday meals.

By using keywords in your crosslinks, you are giving the search engines more information about your website. Using "click here" says nothing about your content or where the link is going. Notice while you’re scanning through this site that a lot of the links have keywords in them, creating more value for each link.

This SEO copywriting and linking method has an added benefit: users, who often simply scan headings and links on a page, will gain more information from crosslinks that incorporate keywords.

Proper Website Development

Accessible web development and complying with W3C web standards is crucial to search engine rankings and compatibility. Website development has to do with the way the website is built and developed. There are many different ways to build websites but if you want your website to be well-optimized, you have to comply with web standards.

Search engines have to be able to read and scan the content on every page to determine what the website is about. All flash sites, splash pages, or websites that are built with frames offer no opportunity to get indexed by search engines because they hide the content. No matter how large your website is, how effective your SEO is, how well-researched your keywords are, or how great your site looks, the search engines will never be able to index content they can't find.

Our experienced Greenville SEO firm will work with the content, follow proper web standards, and use the correct markup that will allow the website to work to its best ability on the search engines.

Offering SEO and creative copywriting tips is only the beginning at Alibi Productions. If you would like to take your website to the next level, contact us today to learn how your site can rank better on the search engines.

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