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I was recently approached by one of my client’s competitors and they insisted that we do their new website. Apparently they saw their competitor’s site (our current client) and how well it’s doing and they want a part of the action too.

In my career I've worked with companies that only take jobs in a specific niche so naturally they have dozens, if not hundreds of competing sites. It was an international company so obviously the competition is very spread out, but in major cities you’re definitely going to get some competition on the same block. At the end of the day, business was business.

I’ve also worked with companies that will ONLY take on one client from each specific niche. Here again I can see the value in this business plan. When you take on a client you give them your absolute best. But it seems like in these cases you can keep drinking from the same well. You can consistently go back to that client with new ideas and keep the money coming in or have some sort of monthly contract. SEOmoz is a big believer in this business model:

"We NEVER work with two competing firms in the same space. If you work with SEOmoz, you can be assured that you are our ONLY client vying for your particular market and keywords."

But then again their first bullet point about their services is:

"Our current contract minimum is $10,000 per month"

So if I can get a client to pay me 10,000 a month (minimum) for my services I’ll gladly only take one client in each specific niche.

But in all honesty, I’m not quite there yet.

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