Organic Search Engine Optimization and online copywriting tips

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When learning about search engine optimization, it's important to get the right tips. There's a lot of information out there and not all of it is worthwhile. Here, we'll show you an easy way to develop every page to keep you on track.

One way to tackle your marketing is through online copywriting with organic search engine optimization. If you don’t target the right keywords your website will likely never reach its full potential online. Fortunately, you can utilize a number of search engine optimization tips and techniques to achieve good rankings for your keywords and boost your site’s performance.

Organic Search Engine Optimization Tips

Keyword Research

Analyzing your keywords is the first step to effective organic search engine optimization.

  1. Start by researching your keywords with Wordtracker or Keyword Discovery. These are industry standard tools that can give you the insight as to what people are searching for.
  2. Once you pick out a few keywords, analyze the competition of these keywords by going to Google or your favorite search engine.
  3. Ideally you want keywords that have a lot of searches in Wordtracker or Keyword Discovery but not a lot of competition in Google or your favorite search engine.

Develop Unique Content

Once you pick out your keywords it’s time to implement them throughout your site. Check out my 13 steps for onsite SEO article for an overview of best practices for online copywriting to maximize your search engine optimization.

Analyze Traffic

Organic search engine optimization takes time and even though these tips will help you along the way, there are many factors that go into how the search engines rank your website.

Once you start to see traffic from your keywords you can fine tune your list. Review your statistics to determine which keywords are performing well and boosting your visibility and which ones are not. Give your keywords at least six months if not a year before you begin to think about revising your selections.

Search Engine Optimization Mini Tips

Set up free tracking with Google Analytics so you can see which exact keywords are bringing in traffic. From there you can determine which keywords you can lose and which ones to keep.

Research and target new keywords for upcoming blog posts. Blogs get indexed at a very rapid rate and you can polish your organic SEO skills by tracking which blog posts are showing up for your targeted keywords.

To be effective, organic search engine optimization and online copywriting takes ongoing maintenance and commitment. It’s not something that’s going to happen overnight. If you would like to learn more about how our team can help you develop a comprehensive online marketing strategy, please contact Alibi Productions in Greenville, SC.

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