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Blogging can be a challenge – it takes a lot of time to create decent content that people are actually going to want to read.

The last three months I have been very active over at the Cure for Common Marketing blog.

The Cure is a blog that I started at my 9-5 job, Jackson Dawson, to try and bring them up to speed in the blogosphere. I am very proud of JD because, while a lot of companies say they want to get involved, for some reason or another they never do. It took JD a while to get on board, but they’re finally coming around.

The blog is one of many upcoming projects for JD, and I’m glad to see it getting underway. It’s very exciting to be behind the scenes in a corporate environment, making changes and shaking things up.

I’ve worked on a lot of SEO and website development projects, and it’s nice to share my experience. I have always done quite well with freelance work providing professional and affordable SEO services to smaller organizations, and now I get to play with the big boys and big budgets.

If by chance you’re looking for an SEO with a lot of experience but without a huge price tag, give me a shout. I gladly help out and advise people all the time, whether they’re clients or not.

What about you? What ways do you try and make your company better? Got any tricks for me?

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