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I try and re-design my website every year to keep it fresh and up-to-date. Obviously some years the design and development process goes faster than others and this year was no exception.

New Web Development page

I'd like to setup some testing between the new and old page with Google's Website Optimizer, but if you have any feedback, I would love to hear it. Put them in the comments below.

Plan A

I was planning on launching my new site on January 1st, but as you can tell that didn’t happen. I was fortunate enough to hook up with another local company here in Greenville that needed a pretty regular front-end developer, so I am glad to say that the re-design didn't get launched because I was incredibly busy.

Plan B

In lieu of launching the entire site, I then decided to launch just the sub pages. Basically all the pages except the blog. The blog brought on a whole set of extra development hours that I thought would slow down the launch even more. I lived with that thought in my head for about four months continuing to be exceptionally busy with more website development projects.

Plan C

Now that we’re eight months into 2009 and I still haven’t found the time to launch the new design I have decided to just launch a single page at a time. Below is a screenshot of the new page but feel free to check it out in action.

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