How to Write Blog Posts to Increase Search Engine Traffic

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Businesses put a lot of time and energy into website development, design, blogs, and search engine optimization.

These elements need to be implemented into a website in order for it to be indexed and perform well on the search engines. But once you're done, you're not really done, you're just beginning. Since you were wise enough to implement a blog into your website, you can now utilize this feature to create content that is going to increase your search engine traffic and exposure.

The nice thing about writing blog posts to boost your search engine traffic is that a lot of the thought process has already been developed while constructing the foundation for your website. Hopefully, you took the time to carefully research the keywords that are targeted on each particular page of your site. All you need to do now is write your posts with those keywords in mind and direct your links to those pages. It can be really simple if you organize your website design and development and plan everything out.

Here's an easy formula to follow:

You chose to target keyword A for page2.html in the development of your website, use that formula when you are thinking of posts and article ideas.

The nice thing about this formula is that you actually tackle quite a few of the common marketing questions that challenge many business owners.

Common business marketing questions:

Q. We have a website, now what?

A. Writing informative posts and articles re-iterating your keywords will only build your prominence on the search engines for your particular keywords.

Q. We have a blog, but what do we write about?

A. Now you will have at least a post for every keyword in your site, the more posts on each keyword topic, the better.

Q. How do we create link bait?

A. Writing content rich articles and posts that are targeted with your keywords both in your content and witty titles will attract users, thus creating link bait.

Business can easily get side tracked with all the commotions of new clients, old clients, and day-to-day affairs. This focused plan will keep your business on a steady path and not have you chasing this month's new trend in search engine marketing and website promotion. These steps will likely take a while to fully implement, but if applied correctly and consistently they can help promote, market, and develop your site as an authority in your niche. In time your posts will increase your presence on the search engines and increase your overall traffic.

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