How to Get Ideas (for Blog Posts)

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Over the last few years I’ve designed, built, and maintained quite a few blogs. Naturally, spending any amount of time writing you’re bound to hit a wall sooner or later, especially when you’re trying to create unique content on a regular basis. I get writer’s block just like everyone else.

Being a blogger, designer, and developer both for my full time job and freelance jobs, I stay pretty immersed in my industry for most of the day. Often, the questions that I get asked give me plenty of ideas for new content, but what if you’re not eating and sleeping your blog topics? I often get asked for blogging advice, so I thought I’d pass on this great tip.

Time to cruise the forums

Forums exist for almost every topic and they’re a great place to get ideas for new posts. You can safely assume that if you run across a question on a forum then other people have the same question.

We’re all trying to create compelling content and what better content than a useful, insightful post that answers a question that someone else has asked.

Whenever I have writer’s block I head to the forums for some juicy questions. Usually I can find a topic to write about in just a few minutes.

For my industry, here are a few forums that I frequent to get ideas:

There are literally hundreds and thousands of forums out there, just Google your topic + forum and you’re bound to run across some. Getting involved in these forums will also get a little buzz and traffic to your site too, which can be an added bonus ?

What about you?

Where do you go for blogging ideas? Let me know in the comments below.

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