How I Gained 20,000 Links in Two Months

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Now I know what you’re thinking,"No way you could do that unless you got to the front page of Digg." Close, but not quite.

I remember a few years ago when inbound links started getting very popular. Everyone in the SEO world was scouring the web for as many links as possible because we learned that inbound links were one of the big determining factors in how well your website ranked.

A lot of the suggestions I read about required building a widget or some other device that people could use on their site, which would then link back to you. This is a fantastic idea, but I’m not a developer in the true sense of the word, so it wasn’t the best method for me.

However, being an avid Wordpress user, from time to time I liked to develop new themes. When I was finished developing my last theme, I decided to release it to the public.

Elements of SEO launched in early August and has been downloaded 3,549 from the Wordpress Theme Directory and numerous other times from other directories.

Each download has a wonderful little link back to my site with the keyword of my choice.

One drawback to the mass amounts of downloads and links back to my site is that not everyone using my theme has a site devoted to SEO, web design, development or any other topic I talk about. In the eyes of Google, a link from a related site is much more powerful than an unrelated link.

But after doing a decent amount of research and looking at the sites that are using my theme and linking back to me… a lot are related, so I’m chalking this up as a win. I guess true rankings will be the final decision maker, but I’m confident were going in the right direction.

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