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Yesterday at the Greenville Chamber of Commerce there was a business jumpstart workshop on Social Media.

Speakers included: Olivier Blanchard, Chad McMillan, Geoff Wasserman, Trey Pennington, Adam Landrum, Jay Handler, and Amy Wood. They discussed how to use social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to leverage your business.

All the presenters did a great job and the audience was very enthusiastic which always makes a workshop more enjoyable. For more info and pictures check out The Brand Builder.

For all you SEO’s out there, Amy Wood gave a great tip on how to get the news to cover your stories. On the WSPA website there is a section called “You Write It” where you can submit your own stories and if deemed worthy can get covered. Keep in mind it might not make the 6′oclock news, but the staff and crew  have many various platforms that they publish news on including news blogs, personal blog and of course social media arenas.

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Anyone who comments on this post will also get another free tip from me on how to use Flickr to generate more traffic and buzz to your website. Just comment below and I’ll send you an email.

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