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I bought the Alibi domain name in 2002. Back then it was just a place for me to display my design school portfolio work. All the text was in images and the whole page was images.

It wasn't until 2004 that I really put any sort of effort into optimizing the site for anything. Once I started to really develop Alibi, everything else in my life started taking off. I started a company focusing on website design and development with a long time friend, John King. The last 18 months, Wildfire Productions has sprouted and kept us extremely busy. All of my time was devoted to Wildfire and once again, Alibi had to be put off to the side.

I've had some time the last few months and I decided that Alibi was going to be my main focus. I redesigned the site and re-wrote the content. This time around I focused on a specific niche instead of just random design and development. I put a little effort into implementing an effective viral marketing campaign, and now look at us; we have a PR4. The previous PR has gone from 1 to an occasional 2, but now it's on!

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