Five Easy Ways to Monetize Your Blog

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We all know that running a successful blog may reward you down the road if you choose to monetize and go commercial with it.

There have been many a successful blogger in the past 6-7 years and more and more are in the running for “A-List” status every single day. Some of you may be curious as to how these popular bloggers are making a healthy secondary (sometimes primary) income from their blogs. So to make it easy and to get a head start, below are five easy ways you can monetize your blog starting today. Keep in mind that there are several ways you can make money from a blog, but the ways listed below seem to be the most common and easiest to implement on your blog site. Feel free to post any questions in the comments below.

1. Google Adsense – Google Adsense, hands down, is the most popular and easiest way to make extra money from your blog. If for whatever reason you haven’t heard of this program, then you need to start doing some research right away as it’s almost foolish not to throw an Adsense ad or two on your blog from day one. Of course there are exceptions like with anything, but the implementation is so easy and quick that it’s the perfect revenue source to start with. Google has made it very easy to sign up for an Adsense account, and you can literally be up and running with these ads in a matter of minutes! Google Adsense is basically a way for website/blog owners to run text, image, and now video ads and make money on a per-click and per impression basis. The ads that are shown are mainly based on your blog content, geographical location, and some other factors. Again, as far as monetizing your blog, this is by far the best starting point.

2. Kontera ContentLink – Have you ever noticed the double underlined keywords that you run across on a lot of blogs these days? When your mouse pointer hovers over these double underlined and highlighted keywords, an ad pops up which is relevant to the keyword, and you have an option to click on it. The reason you are seeing these ads is because the blog owner is using an advertising program called “Kontera ContentLink”. You will see these ads being run on quite a few different blogs in the blogosphere. It’s fairly easy to apply for and although it won’t make you rich, it will surely boost your overall earnings for the month. Kontera ContentLink allows you to make money from advertising without giving up any extra advertising space. The ContentLink technology reads your content and turns certain keywords into an ad and pays you on a per-click basis. This one will take a little while to optimize, but once it gets going, it’s a great way to earn some extra bucks each month, and you don’t have to sacrifice any valuable ad space. Sign up for Kontera ContentLink.

3. Text Link Ads – This form of advertising revenue is quite common on many blogs, and there are many variations as a lot of companies provide this same kind of service, but TLA seems to be the most widely used of this type. When you sign up as a publisher for a company like TLA, you are being paid to let people “rent” links on your blog on a monthly basis. On the publisher’s (your) end of the deal, if you have the stats to back it up, you can rent these spots to potential advertisers and make a very nice income from it. This service is pretty nice even though they take a hefty portion of the proceeds. I think it’s fair though, because they do all the legwork as far as linking you up with advertisers in the marketplace. Once your blog does have the fat stats to back it up, you could be selling links on your site for upwards of $200-$500 per month. That adds up, and quick! Keep in mind that the requirements to join TLA are a little more strict then others, such as length of time your blog has been online, the amount of posts you have, and other factors, but trust me, when you’re able to sign up, do it! Submit your blog to the Text Link Ads program at their signup page.

4. ReviewMe – Most monetized blogs sell reviews, and make good money from it. The only problem is that if you don’t have several thousand unique hits per day, then you might have trouble finding people that want to buy a review from you privately. That’s not a problem now with the launch of a great service called ReviewMe. ReviewMe offers you tons of potential companies that want you to review their products and services – but they get a cut of the review price. Actually it’s 50%, but with the amount of advertisers available in the ReviewMe marketplace, this is a small price to pay as you’ll make up for it very fast. If you have the stats to back it up, (Technorati ranking, Alexa ranking, and RSS subscribers) then you can get accepted into their program and start reviewing products/services/websites for paying advertisers right away. When your blog reaches that elite “A-List level”, it’s very common to see a review go for $300-$1000 dollars per. Down the road, this may very well be the backbone of your monthly income, because obviously that amount of money to be made can ad up fast, especially if you’re doing 5-10 reviews per month. I suggest submitting your blog to the ReviewMe program as soon as possible.

5. Private advertising sales – This revenue source is surprisingly overlooked by many bloggers, yet it can be one of the starting points to monetizing your blog. This one is very easy to explain. Selling private advertising on your blog is only limited by your imagination and creativity. It’s suggested that every blog have a page called “Advertise” (or something similar) and on it you would offer the different types of advertising you offer as well as the price. For instance, you could sell links on your sidebar for $10/month, and/or you could offer to do reviews for a flat fee of $20. Selling post sponsored links for a few bucks a month is also common. Your big imagination is the only thing holding you back on this one. Who knows, you might come up with some crazy gimmick that could make you rich overnight! Brainstorm this one over, and then go check out some of the big blogs advertising pages for ideas. Adjust your prices to what you think is fair for your blog, based on your rankings and subscribers. Again, selling private ads is just about the easiest and most trouble free ways to start making money with your blog. Be prepared to do a little selling and self promoting, as the customers won’t come to you, you have to go to them on this one.

Of course there are actually hundreds of other ways to make money from your blog, but these are the most widely used and most successful ways of doing it, especially when your blog is less than six months old. Why re-invent the wheel? Do what works and you’ll see results faster than what you would normally think. Be creative and promote the heck out of what you have to offer, and watch the checks start rolling in!

Sujan Patel is the Director of SEO & SEM at Single Grain a San Diego Internet Marketing Company

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