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***UPDATE: Elements of SEO version 1.3 is now available. Get it while its hot!

After submitting my theme to the new Wordpress Theme Directory, I was required to make a few tweaks. Elements of SEO 1.1 now has some exciting new features, including:

While I was making these edits I also decided to fix the widget bullets that were appearing. Ordinarily, if you downloaded the theme, uploaded it and didn’t activate any widgets then you would have the exact same setup in the sidebars as the demo site.

After reviewing a few sites that were using the theme, I noticed that a lot of people were implementing widgets. The problem that I was seeing was on the widget sections, there was a random bullet being added to the heading.

I didn’t really like how that looked since nothing else in the design had bullets styled like that, so I decided to remove them. Now you can add widgets all day long and it will look exactly the same as the demo site.

Download Elements of SEO 1.4 to get the new features and fix the widget heading bug.

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