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Here’s a Quick Tip: Getting easy inbound links (IBLs) isn’t always the easiest assignment. The most straight forward way is to create good useful content that other users will naturally want to link to.

This method is great but it takes time. Another technique for getting easy inbound links is to follow the leader. Just like with keyword research, it’s often suggested that you look at your competitor to see what terms they are targeting. This works the same way for inbound links.

Use Yahoo Site Explorer and analyze your competitor’s links. If you take some time and go through their list you can get a lot of the same easy inbound links for your site. Download SEO for Firefox from Aaron Wall and you can also analyze which links are passing PR. Visit each one of these sites and look for your competitor.

Are they in the Top Commentators list?
Often this list is only on the homepage and it usually passes PR. Contribute to the blog and you can make the list too – a quick and easy strategy for building inbound links.

Are they in the comments for that blog?
Not every blog uses the nofollow attribute, but the ones that do should be on your radar because they present a very easy opportunity for attaining inbound links. Comment on these blogs and the link back to your site will count.

What if I can’t find them?
If you can’t find them in either place, try a find and replace for either their company name or the name of the person you’re stalking (thanks for making stalking cool again Sphinn).

I still can’t find them on the page
If you still can’t find your prey, view the source code and search again for their company name or personal name. If there’s a link to their site you’ll find it in the code.

Once you finally find their link you can decide if a little amount of effort can get you the same link.

Other Easy Links

If you’re in a competitive market, you can easily find sites with thousands of links in Yahoo Site Explorer. Studying these links and going after the same sources can be an effective and easy way to establish inbound links to your site.

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