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Most of the time client work isn’t going to be that exciting or glamorous. But every once in a while a client comes along that lets you have fun.

Chris Cote, Editor In Chief of Transworld SURF magazine, decided he needed his own blog. Having worked with Wildfire partner John King at Transworld SURF, he knew who to contact when it came time.

From start to finish the project took about a month. Chris knew John’s work enough to just let him go. Design gets approved, I build out the blog, and we’re live. A truly extraordinarily easy process, and is born.

I would love to describe it for you but I think he can paint a better picture. Here’s how he puts it:

Cote’s Cube is a place for you to find epic gear, supremely cool restaurants and bars, skate spots (for mediocre skaters like me), look at art, see what happens at lame parties, check out my friends being all friendly and shit, and you may even learn something (god forbid).

I highly recommend Cote’s Cube for anyone who reads Transworld SURF Magazine or anyone who just loves the industry.

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