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While many companies are getting ready to do the budget for next year, few of them are putting anything towards design.

Marketing is important but what about putting a new face on your marketing?

Looking around at other sites and with all the new technologies that spring up every day, your website has to stay on somewhat of an edge if you expect to look like a legitimate business…especially in website design. An Internet year can seem quite a bit faster than a calendar year and if your visitors are coming to your site everyday, seeing the same design for 365 of them can get stale real quick.

Between Alibi and Wildfire, SEO and website development has taken up the majority of time this past year and I do miss the design. 2008 is coming and I think its time for a fresh change. Over the holiday break you will see a change around here I’d like to know what you think. I would also encourage other companies to do the same. Sometimes a face lift is the best way to spark up interest in your brand.

Let me know what you think, will design be a part of your new year’s budget?

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