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My Apologies to the Top Commentors

Around the beginning of last year I installed the Top Commentors plugin on this blog. At first I was extremely excited thinking it was a great way to reward commentors.

After running it for a while it has become painfully obvious that peoples are only using it to increase their search engine rankings for keyword rich text links.

Traveling With A Light Load

The past couple weeks I have been traveling and flying to various places like Denver, San Diego, and Atlanta. I’m slowly realizing that my arsenal of computer accessories that make working while you travel easier drastically needs to be upgraded.

When I travel I try and keep my load as light as possible, but even the lightest load means multiple devices accompanied by numerous sets of wires and cases.

Next Generation Warfighter from Milliken Military

Milliken Military produces some of the world’s most technologically advanced fabrics. I recently got a chance to work with Milliken on their new website and SEO campaign, and I must say that it gave me so much more respect for the men and women who fight for our country every day.

Some of the materials that Milliken focuses on include: flame-resistant clothing, extreme cold and wet weather gear, high performance combat uniform materials, baselayers and knits, and dress uniform materials.

What All Businesses Must Have in 2007

Clients typically have many questions about specific areas of your business. Often, however, they feel that these questions are too minor and won't contact you about them. A blog will allow you to interact with your users and create relationships. If you find yourself getting a lot of the same questions, write a post or distribute articles pertaining to the information.

Just like in school, if one person has a question, it's likely that other people have the same question, and because blogs are a much less formal setting, users are more likely to raise their hands and bring up their concerns.

T-Mobile is a hack

I’ve been a loyal T-mobile customer for over 3 years and just recently I was able to test out their Award Winning Customer Service.

My phone started to drop calls all the time last Oct. I called T-mobile and their suggestion was a new phone. I had the phone for literally 5 mins before the problem presented itself again. Four phones later, I still can’t make a call for longer than 2 mins. They will only let me out of my contract for their spiffy little $200 Cancellation Fee.

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