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Do You Have Time to SEO?

When any business begins to think about how they are going to implement a Search Engine Optimization campaign they basically have two choices.

Despite the many SEO Dos and Don'ts, they can try and carry out an effective campaign through in-house staff, or outsource the job. Both of these choices raise many obstacles that need to be considered.

SEO for the President of the United States

Neil Patel from Pronet Advertising recently had an interview with Fred Stutzman, from techPresident about the benefits of SEO for potential candidates running in the next presidential election.

Neil pointed out that there are many SEO strategies that candidates can take advantage of in order to give them the most search engine exposure, but what they really need to worry about is negative or bad press. Read SEO 101 For Campaigns for all of Neil's tips.

SEO in South Carolina

Search engine optimization, website design, and web development are moving me to Greenville, South Carolina.

I have worked in San Diego for the past six years as a website designer and developer and have loved everyday of the beautiful Southern California weather.

Need some SEO or creative copywriting tips?

Keywords, crosslinks, titles… how do all these pieces fit into the puzzle? Learn how a few basic creative copywriting tips can be applied to any site to increase your SEO.

Over the past decade, SEO, or search engine optimization, has become a huge buzzword that puts many companies into a state of frenzy. The majority of Internet traffic is propelled by the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

Website Ranking: Important Factors

Many factors determine how well your website will rank on the search engines. Unfortunately, a lot of these factors can vary greatly depending on who you talk to.

SEOmoz has released version two of their search ranking factors, where they ask many leading professionals the same questions, allowing you to compare their answers side by side.

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