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Video Optimization for SEO

A few weeks ago you might have seen my video titled video blogging 101, which explained how to get started video blogging and provided information on possible programs that you could use. I also mentioned that I was going to do another video on how to optimize your video once it was ready to be released to the public.

Video Blogging 101

Video Blogging is going to be a big part of search engine rankings and website development in the next couple of years. It’s possible that as early as the first part of 2009 we could start to see some ranking changes based on whether or not your competition has video on a similar subject.

What is SearchWiki?

SearchWiki has gotten quite a bit of buzz since it launched a few days ago. With both positive and negative feedback, it will be interesting to watch this new feature develop.

Over at Search Engine Land, Danny Sullivan had a nice Q & A with Cedric Dupont, Google’s SearchWiki product manager; Johanna Wright, Director of Product Management at Google and Google software engineer Corin Anderson to get some more details about the specifics of SearchWiki.

How I Gained 20,000 Links in Two Months

Now I know what you’re thinking,"No way you could do that unless you got to the front page of Digg." Close, but not quite.

I remember a few years ago when inbound links started getting very popular. Everyone in the SEO world was scouring the web for as many links as possible because we learned that inbound links were one of the big determining factors in how well your website ranked.

Google Now Indexing and Crawling Flash

Judging by the buzz around the web today you would think that Google can now index all flash files. While this is partially true, I’m still a bit hesitant.

Adobe announced the news today, while Google explained things a bit, here and here and Vanessa Fox from Search Engine Land wrote up a very informative post explaining more clearly what Adobe and Google were trying to say.

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