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Content Strategy for the Web: Book Review

Content strategy is a fairly new term in the design, development and publishing industry and thankfully everyday its becoming more and more acknowledged. It’s not that we haven’t been performing content strategist type roles, but now we have defined a specific title.

Content strategy, at a very high level, relates to how content is organized, written and how it moves through your organization. If you’ve ever had to deal with generating content with more than a few people for any company you’ve no doubt realized how painful the process can be. Everybody has an opinion about content but not everyone is a qualified writer.

Taking Care of Business

Freelancing on the side has always been a wonderful perk to choosing a design career. I do feel thankful that I happen to have a job that makes me happy and can enjoy doing all hours of the day. The downside to having a designer-type personality is that usually we tend to not be as on top of things as we should when it comes to business.

A Big Thanks

Working through various technologies can sometimes give you nothing but a headache.

I’d like to throw out a big thanks to Douglas Bowman and Pablo Gomez for their help with the customization of Pablo’s Postalicious plugin.

Getting What You Pay For

Being a designer, developer, and SEO, I always enjoy perusing other peoples’ sites to see how they lay out their content, write their code, and optimize their pages.

The new design on Jason Santa Maria’s site is incredible, and I love the build of The Posse Foundation. Lately I have also been focusing on reviewing service pages to see how other people explain what they do. SEOmoz does a great job of explaining their services and so does Top Rank Results.

Do You Understand What I’m Selling?

Writing for the web seems to mystify a lot of people. Often, writers may have trouble when it comes to getting an effective point across. Two of the biggest problems with web copy is that users either a) leave the page not knowing what you’re talking about or b) have no idea what you want them to do.

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