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Readers Poll: Clients vs Competitors

I was recently approached by one of my client’s competitors and they insisted that we do their new website. Apparently they saw their competitor’s site (our current client) and how well it’s doing and they want a part of the action too.

In my career I’ve worked with companies that only take jobs in a specific niche so naturally they have dozens, if not hundreds of competing sites. It was an international company so obviously the competition is very spread out, but in major cities you’re definitely going to get some competition on the same block. At the end of the day, business was business.

Easy Inbound Links

Getting easy inbound links (IBLs) isn’t always the easiest assignment. The most straight forward way is to create good useful content that other users will naturally want to link to. This method is great but it takes time.

Another technique for getting easy inbound links is to follow the leader. Just like with keyword research, it’s often suggested that you look at your competitor to see what terms they are targeting. This works the same way for inbound links.

Sphinn to Share This

The fact that Danny Sullivan launched Sphinn is a good enough reason for me to join. Now only few hours later I have found a way to incorporate Sphinn into my share this plugin.

Share This keeps all of my social media marketing icons in a nice and neat setup. Squareoak has altered the Share This file that allows you to add the Sphinn icon to your collection. To see the Share This plugin in action click on the green “share this” icon below each post.

Niche Marketing 101

Niche marketing is the concept of targeting a specific, small group of people or businesses that are potentially in need of your services.

Business plans like these are often very effective because you can achieve a greater ROI because your marketing and advertising budget is more focused on the people who will be likely to purchase your services.

Five Easy Ways to Monetize Your Blog

We all know that running a successful blog may reward you down the road if you choose to monetize and go commercial with it.

There have been many a successful blogger in the past 6-7 years and more and more are in the running for "A-List" status every single day. Some of you may be curious as to how these popular bloggers are making a healthy secondary (sometimes primary) income from their blogs.

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