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SEO & Web Design – Are They on the Same Page?

When constructing a website, SEO design and web design don’t have to be two different functions. Sadly though, these two sets of features often come from different sides of the building.

Very few graphic people understand SEO or even what it entails and marketing people are focused on results and may feel that the design is secondary. But can combining SEO and web design be that hard?

Doing What You Love

Most of the time client work isn’t going to be that exciting or glamorous. But every once in a while a client comes along that lets you have fun. Chris Cote, Editor In Chief of Transworld SURF magazine, decided he needed his own blog. Having worked with Wildfire partner John King at Transworld SURF, he knew who to contact when it came time.

From start to finish the project took about a month. Chris knew John’s work enough to just let him go. Design gets approved, I build out the blog, and we’re live. A truly extraordinarily easy process, and is born.

Zero Out Your Margins

Have you ever designed a beautiful website only to find that it doesn’t quite look right across multiple browsers? All browsers are not created equal, and often they have slightly different standards for presenting web pages.

Internet Explorer can put a little margin here or Firefox can put a little padding there, and even the smallest differences can make your life a nightmare if you’re not prepared.

Bad IE

Due to some nasty rendering in Internet Explorer were going to have to put the new theme on hold for just a bit. We should be able to get her back real soon.

3 Steps to Usability

Websites are built for specific types of viewers and must appeal to a definite target market. Users must be able to view your site, scan everything, and immediately understand what the website is about. Similarly, for maximum usability, your website has to appeal to the needs of search engines.

Usability comes down to three main areas: site design, page design, and development. If carried out properly, these elements will bring both users and search engines to your site and keep them coming back for more.

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