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Launching a New Design

I try and re-design my website every year to keep it fresh and up-to-date. Obviously some years the design and development process goes faster than others and this year was no exception.

I was planning on launching my new site on January 1st, but as you can tell that didn’t happen. I was fortunate enough to hook up with another local company here in Greenville that needed a pretty regular front-end developer, so I am glad to say that the re-design didn’t get launched because I was incredibly busy.

Let us all celebrate like them!

A few years back I wasn’t aware of these redesigning of logos on different occasions until one fine day I randomly opened my Google homepage and got to know its Halloween.

This is guest post from Ben Johnson of Logoinn, custom logo design service provider based in UK.

Georgia on my Mind

Possibilities from design to design are unlimited. Take a look at the CSS Zen Garden for example; all of the designs published at the garden use the exact same HTML. The only difference is the way they are styled. With the advancements of CSS, a designer can do almost whatever they like on the Internet.

Back to Design

While many companies are getting ready to do the budget for next year, few of them are putting anything towards design. Marketing is important but what about putting a new face on your marketing?

Looking around at other sites and with all the new technologies that spring up every day, your website has to stay on somewhat of an edge if you expect to look like a legitimate business…especially in website design.

UPDATE: Show Me Wild and Crazy

After getting a client request for a wild and crazy design, I racked my brain thinking about what the client had and hadn’t potentially seen before. I probably started and stopped on this particular design five different times.

Adding to the problem was the fact that this client was fairly familiar with my previous clients and design work.

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