The Power of Confrontation

Many professional bloggers will tell you that creating controversy is a great way to get traffic. You can read about some of them here, here, and here. Obviously you don’t want to seriously offend anyone but a heated argument is sure to stir the pot. This past week I wrote a post on my design blog, Stealing is Never O.K. and man it got some attention.

3 Steps to Usability

Websites are built for specific types of viewers and must appeal to a definite target market. Users must be able to view your site, scan everything, and immediately understand what the website is about. Similarly, for maximum usability, your website has to appeal to the needs of search engines.

Usability comes down to three main areas: site design, page design, and development. If carried out properly, these elements will bring both users and search engines to your site and keep them coming back for more.

Readers Poll: Clients vs Competitors

I was recently approached by one of my client’s competitors and they insisted that we do their new website. Apparently they saw their competitor’s site (our current client) and how well it’s doing and they want a part of the action too.

In my career I’ve worked with companies that only take jobs in a specific niche so naturally they have dozens, if not hundreds of competing sites. It was an international company so obviously the competition is very spread out, but in major cities you’re definitely going to get some competition on the same block. At the end of the day, business was business.

Easy Inbound Links

Getting easy inbound links (IBLs) isn’t always the easiest assignment. The most straight forward way is to create good useful content that other users will naturally want to link to. This method is great but it takes time.

Another technique for getting easy inbound links is to follow the leader. Just like with keyword research, it’s often suggested that you look at your competitor to see what terms they are targeting. This works the same way for inbound links.

Alibi Gets Hacked

Every once in a while Wordpress releases newer versions of their popular blog platform urging people to upgrade to avoid hackers exploiting security loop holes. I always told myself that I would get around to it, but never actually made the time.

Yesterday I got a phone call from a friend asking me if I changed my site. Since I view my site quite a few times a day and actually viewed the site hours before, I confidently told him no. Much to my surprise, when I viewed my site I was greeted with a new screen.

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