Organic Search Engine Optimization and online copywriting tips

When learning about search engine optimization, it's important to get the right tips. There's a lot of information out there and not all of it is worthwhile. Here, we'll show you an easy way to develop every page to keep you on track.

One way to tackle your marketing is through online copywriting with organic search engine optimization. If you don’t target the right keywords your website will likely never reach its full potential online. Fortunately, you can utilize a number of search engine optimization tips and techniques to achieve good rankings for your keywords and boost your site’s performance.

UPDATED: Why I Read Marketing Pilgrim

Every morning when I get to work I have roughly the same routine. I check all my various email accounts then I log into Newsgator to check out all my feeds.

Since my feeds are setup up alphabetically I see: A List Apart, Aaron Wall, Andy Beal and Andy Beard right at the top. I have 36 feeds that I try and keep up on, but if I don’t have a lot of time I always read Marketing Pilgrim, Andy Beard, Copyblogger, Top Rank, SEOmoz Search Engine Roundtable and SEL.

BlogRush Frenzy

Driving traffic to your blog is one of the most sought after skills for any Internet marketer. Blog Rush has introduced a new widget that will allow you to increase your traffic by simply adding their widget to your blog.

BlogRush is a free widget that’s designed to promote websites encouraged around a 10 tier referral program. Just like any pyramid marketing scheme, the earlier you get in, the more traffic you can generate, so go check it out.

Why You Need SEO

Over the past decade, SEO, or search engine optimization, has become a huge buzzword that puts many companies into a state of frenzy. The majority of Internet traffic is propelled by the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

If your website is not being found or cataloged by the search engines, you are losing out on an incredible amount of traffic.

Alibi Makes the Power 150

2007 has been a pretty successful year here at Alibi. First we were added to the BIGLIST of Best Blogs on the Net by Lee Odden, Andy Beal asked me to be a contributing editor at Marketing Pilgrim, and now I am proud to announce that we have been added to the Power 150 over at Advertising Age.

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