Do You Understand What I’m Selling?

Writing for the web seems to mystify a lot of people. Often, writers may have trouble when it comes to getting an effective point across. Two of the biggest problems with web copy is that users either a) leave the page not knowing what you’re talking about or b) have no idea what you want them to do.

Blogging Advice from Bloggers Who Know

What is a blog? Why would I even want one? What can it do for my company?

Many companies want to get into blogging but they aren’t getting the right advice. A lot of companies get excited by what a blog can do for them, but then they get anxious about the interaction of a community.

Speaking Engagements

The past two months have been extremely busy for me. A few weeks ago I was on a radio talk show with Jane from BPM in Pensacola, Florida speaking on Search Engine Optimization and then this morning I was at the NCMPR conference in Spartanburg, South Carolina speaking on SEO as well.

Traveling With A Light Load

The past couple weeks I have been traveling and flying to various places like Denver, San Diego, and Atlanta. I’m slowly realizing that my arsenal of computer accessories that make working while you travel easier drastically needs to be upgraded.

When I travel I try and keep my load as light as possible, but even the lightest load means multiple devices accompanied by numerous sets of wires and cases.

How I Gained 20,000 Links in Two Months

Now I know what you’re thinking,"No way you could do that unless you got to the front page of Digg." Close, but not quite.

I remember a few years ago when inbound links started getting very popular. Everyone in the SEO world was scouring the web for as many links as possible because we learned that inbound links were one of the big determining factors in how well your website ranked.

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