Getting What You Pay For

Being a designer, developer, and SEO, I always enjoy perusing other peoples’ sites to see how they lay out their content, write their code, and optimize their pages.

The new design on Jason Santa Maria’s site is incredible, and I love the build of The Posse Foundation. Lately I have also been focusing on reviewing service pages to see how other people explain what they do. SEOmoz does a great job of explaining their services and so does Top Rank Results.

Friday Class- Learning How to Give

For the last few months at Jackson-Dawson we have been having these informative class-like presentations about various marketing topics led by Steve Whigham. The idea behind them is to give all the employees a break from the hustle and bustle and let us unwind and get a new perspective on our field and professions.

Some of Steve’s past presentations include:

Alibi Launches Three River Stone

About two months ago, Three River Stone came to Alibi Productions because they needed a way to showcase their natural thin stone veneer collection online.

Three River Stone has 15 signature styles and 9 custom blends to choose from and each  product needed to have its own spotlight.

Video Blogging 101

Video Blogging is going to be a big part of search engine rankings and website development in the next couple of years. It’s possible that as early as the first part of 2009 we could start to see some ranking changes based on whether or not your competition has video on a similar subject.

What is SearchWiki?

SearchWiki has gotten quite a bit of buzz since it launched a few days ago. With both positive and negative feedback, it will be interesting to watch this new feature develop.

Over at Search Engine Land, Danny Sullivan had a nice Q & A with Cedric Dupont, Google’s SearchWiki product manager; Johanna Wright, Director of Product Management at Google and Google software engineer Corin Anderson to get some more details about the specifics of SearchWiki.

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