Professional Surf Photography for sale

Brian Bielmann came to Wildfire Productions to develop and online database of professional surfing photography that would allows users access to purchase any of the professional shots that were taken by the team of photographers.

Best of all you can hire any of the team to document your trips. This is a great site for any surfer!!!

T-Mobile is a hack

I’ve been a loyal T-mobile customer for over 3 years and just recently I was able to test out their Award Winning Customer Service.

My phone started to drop calls all the time last Oct. I called T-mobile and their suggestion was a new phone. I had the phone for literally 5 mins before the problem presented itself again. Four phones later, I still can’t make a call for longer than 2 mins. They will only let me out of my contract for their spiffy little $200 Cancellation Fee.

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