Five Easy Ways to Monetize Your Blog

We all know that running a successful blog may reward you down the road if you choose to monetize and go commercial with it.

There have been many a successful blogger in the past 6-7 years and more and more are in the running for "A-List" status every single day. Some of you may be curious as to how these popular bloggers are making a healthy secondary (sometimes primary) income from their blogs.

UPDATE: Show Me Wild and Crazy

After getting a client request for a wild and crazy design, I racked my brain thinking about what the client had and hadn’t potentially seen before. I probably started and stopped on this particular design five different times.

Adding to the problem was the fact that this client was fairly familiar with my previous clients and design work.

HOW Alibi Gets Inspiration

I just got back from the HOW Design Conference in Atlanta and all I can say is WOW. This was my first time at HOW and I was extremely impressed with all the speakers and the amount of useful information that each session provided. I’ll write up a more detailed summary, but I’m going to post it on my design blog, so go check it out.

Website Design Solutions for your Small Business

The website design for your small business can be the life or death of your company. Since design is subjective, anyone can instantly be turned off by the design of a website. Nothing says "small time" faster than an outdated and unloved website, but there are solutions for small businesses that don't require large budgets to throw at the website design and development.

IE Will Not Cooperate

IE positioning is fickle at best. I was recently designing a new site for a client when I could not get around this one bug that kept appearing in IE when I would test the site.

No matter what I adjusted, nothing would correct the problem. Thank god I ran across To my surprise I was dealing with the IE Doubled Float-Margin Bug.

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