My Apologies to the Top Commentors

Around the beginning of last year I installed the Top Commentors plugin on this blog. At first I was extremely excited thinking it was a great way to reward commentors.

After running it for a while it has become painfully obvious that peoples are only using it to increase their search engine rankings for keyword rich text links.

@font-face breakdown

If you’ve heard about the somewhat new @font-face CSS declaration, but not sure what its about or how to implement it, Dave Shea has the post for you.

Starting with @font-face over at mezzoblue goes into detail and explains the @font-face method as well as other font embedding options and gives some good links if you need to investigate further.

Check out his post to learn all about using @font-face.

Content Strategy and Typography

Last week was extremely busy, which is good, but it didn’t give me a lot time to post some of the cool links I’ve run across.

Content strategy is such a huge part of any website and sadly it seems like it is often overlooked. Listening/watching to the live feed from A Event Apart Chicago conference going on this past week, much of the topics I caught were on content strategy.

The Show Must Go On

When the sun is shining and your surrounded by some good friends nothing can be better.

Above is a little Sunday jam session with John King on guitar and yours truly on the drums.

Rotating Text with CSS

Being a front-end developer with a strong emphasis on web standards, CSS is usually what I spend most of my time on when it comes to building out websites.

One aspect of design that I’ve never really been able to accomplish with CSS is rotating text on its side.

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