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Why the Development of Your Website Matters

Whenever consumers decide to purchase something new, quality is usually a concern. The expression "they don't make them like they used to" has never been more true when you look around at many items these days that are mass produced or, due to rigorous production timelines, simply aren’t rewarded the amount of attention they deserve.

With CMS (content management system) frameworks popping up everywhere and blog platforms making it as easy as 1,2,3 for practically anybody to have an online presence, consumers need to be aware that not all website development is the same.

The Complete Google Analytics Power User Guide – VKI Studios Blog

Looking for an easy to digest users guide on Google Analytics? Check out the power user guide from VKI Studios.

Here’s a quick look at the sections of the guide:

Check Browser Compatibility, Cross Platform Browser Test – Browsershots

As internet marketers, SEOs, developers and designers we need to constantly be aware of how other people view our sites. Sure we can view our sites in the three or four browsers we have installed on our own machines, but that doesn’t nearly come close to the rest of the browsers in the world that people use. Not to mention all the different versions of each browser.

Browser Shots is the tool for you. A free service that allows you to review your site in dozens and dozens of different browsers and specific versions of each browser.

Let us all celebrate like them!

A few years back I wasn’t aware of these redesigning of logos on different occasions until one fine day I randomly opened my Google homepage and got to know its Halloween.

This is guest post from Ben Johnson of Logoinn, custom logo design service provider based in UK.

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