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Greenville Social Media

Yesterday at the Greenville Chamber of Commerce there was a business jumpstart workshop on Social Media. Speakers included: Olivier Blanchard, Chad McMillan, Geoff Wasserman, Trey Pennington, Adam Landrum, Jay Handler, and Amy Wood. They discussed how to use social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to leverage your business.

Grid Calculator

Grids are my new obsession and if you’ve been looking for an easy way to setup your grid, look no further.

It’s obviously not rocket science, but this online calculator sure does make it easy to get a grid setup with any number of columns, column widths, and gutter widths.

Grid Calculator

Google Defines 301 Quantities

We know that setting up 301 redirects is the most search engine friendly way to redirect one page to another, but it’s very easy to get out of control.

Find out from Matt Cutts when enough is enough.

10 ways to measure social media success

For the last couple months at Jackson-Dawson we have really been trying to get more into social media for both our clients and ourselves and of course one of the first questions that comes up is ROI.

Anyone who is involved in social media knows that its very hard to track what is and isn’t working and why to keep doing it.

Taking Care of Business

Freelancing on the side has always been a wonderful perk to choosing a design career. I do feel thankful that I happen to have a job that makes me happy and can enjoy doing all hours of the day. The downside to having a designer-type personality is that usually we tend to not be as on top of things as we should when it comes to business.

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