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How I Gained 20,000 Links in Two Months

Now I know what you’re thinking,"No way you could do that unless you got to the front page of Digg." Close, but not quite.

I remember a few years ago when inbound links started getting very popular. Everyone in the SEO world was scouring the web for as many links as possible because we learned that inbound links were one of the big determining factors in how well your website ranked.

Working Through Writers’ Block

Keeping up with the daily routine of a blog is not the easiest task. A lot of companies want a blog, but don’t realize how hard it is to keep updated content – that is until they realize they haven’t posted anything in 3 months.

Blogging gets even harder when it’s not your full time job and for a lot of people, it isn’t. I personally write for four different blogs and as much as I would like to post something every day on all of them, I just can’t.

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