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SEO & Web Design – Are They on the Same Page?

When constructing a website, SEO design and web design don’t have to be two different functions. Sadly though, these two sets of features often come from different sides of the building.

Very few graphic people understand SEO or even what it entails and marketing people are focused on results and may feel that the design is secondary. But can combining SEO and web design be that hard?

Giving Back to Local Designers & Developers

Just over a year ago, I moved back from the west coast. I originally moved out west to "spread my wings," finish school and figure out what I was doing with my life. Seven years later, I had all my problems solved.

While I was there I got very accustomed to the Southern California lifestyle. There was always a hot new designer right around the corner and if you wanted to be competitive you needed to step up your game every day. SEO was a big deal too; everybody knew how to sell and market it.

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