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Home Sweet Home, Part 2

Ok, so we already covered the move and house hunt, but a girl can still dream, right? Aside from looking for your dream home, nothing is more fun than looking at homes you can only dream about.

The Prudential C. Dan Joyner website features some awesome Greenville, South Carolina real estate, including several multi-million dollar properties.

SEO Campaign Management: Getting Started

Your SEO campaign is a vital step to the management of your online business. If consumers don’t know about your products or services they can’t pay you to do what you do best. By planning correctly, your SEO campaign can coincide with your viral marketing strategies, thus enforcing the power of your message.

Website promotion and SEO campaign management is a full time job. There is a lot of research, trend studies, and analyzing statistics that go into any successful web campaign. For small business owners in particular, Internet marketing and promotion can be a cost effective way to maximize results.

Bloggers Unite For Human Rights

Throughout the hustle and bustle of everyday life we constantly get bombarded with outside noise and it’s important to remember to respect each other.

No matter what happens in life we always need to treat each other with the same compassion that we would like to be treated with.

How to Get Ideas (for Blog Posts)

Over the last few years I’ve designed, built, and maintained quite a few blogs. Naturally, spending any amount of time writing you’re bound to hit a wall sooner or later, especially when you’re trying to create unique content on a regular basis. I get writer’s block just like everyone else.

Being a blogger, designer, and developer both for my full time job and freelance jobs, I stay pretty immersed in my industry for most of the day. Often, the questions that I get asked give me plenty of ideas for new content, but what if you’re not eating and sleeping your blog topics? I often get asked for blogging advice, so I thought I’d pass on this great tip.

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