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Who’s running your SEO firm?

Being employed by an agency and having my own SEO firm, I talk shop to a lot of individuals about SEO. Often, SEO is very new to people and I end up having to do a lot of talking. I certainly don’t mind though because I love what I do and I could talk about it all day long.

What I don’t understand is when clients want to rule the SERPs, seemingly want to know everything about SEO, hire you to do their optimization, and then they don’t want to implement the SEO that your firm suggests. It’s almost like they like the idea of SEO but not the actual work.

Home Sweet Home

After moving across the country last year, we set out on a mission to find a new house. We had lots of factors working against us: first time buyers in a new town on a strict time frame. Fortunately, we found a cool local real estate site that had more user-friendly and detailed features than your standard MLS.

The JournalHOMES website is a pretty handy little resource. In addition to your typical search tools, the site includes tons of tips and information:

Zero Out Your Margins

Have you ever designed a beautiful website only to find that it doesn’t quite look right across multiple browsers? All browsers are not created equal, and often they have slightly different standards for presenting web pages.

Internet Explorer can put a little margin here or Firefox can put a little padding there, and even the smallest differences can make your life a nightmare if you’re not prepared.

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