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Back Pain No Mas

Back pain has plagued my life ever since I started skateboarding around 6 years old. Who knew that falling on the concrete over and over again would catch up with me. Fast forward about 22 years and I still have a pretty significant amount of pain.

I’ve been to numerous doctors and chiropractors on the east and west coast and no one has ever been able to provide any answers as to why I am having this pain. MRI’s, CT-scans, Barium CT scans and every other test possible has been done and nothing has ever given me an answer. For a few years I was running very habitually and that definitely helped out a lot.

Bad IE

Due to some nasty rendering in Internet Explorer were going to have to put the new theme on hold for just a bit. We should be able to get her back real soon.

Looking for blogging advice?

What is a blog? Would a blog be good for my company and website? Find out how a blog can give your site better search engine exposure and increase your audience.

Many companies want to get into blogging but they aren’t getting the right advice. A lot of companies get excited by what a blog can do for them, but then they get nervous about the interaction of a community.

Georgia on my Mind

Possibilities from design to design are unlimited. Take a look at the CSS Zen Garden for example; all of the designs published at the garden use the exact same HTML. The only difference is the way they are styled. With the advancements of CSS, a designer can do almost whatever they like on the Internet.

Happy New Year!!

I hope everyone had a safe and festive holiday. Try to take a moment out of your day and let your loved ones know how much they really mean to you. Life is short and you never know what might happen.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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