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Website Promotion with Wordpress Plugins

Wordpress has a number of plugins that can help the performance of your blog, anything from catchy widgets to plugins that are solely developed to increase your exposure on the search engines.

On this particular blog I use a few that I’d like to bring your attention to that have helped my performance.

Making Website Statistics Meaningful

Clients often request specific data to help them visualize the value of various online services.

Whether it be visitor traffic, conversion stats, website positioning figures, or other characteristics that can help show growth and results, it is important to present the information in a clear, effective way.

Please welcome Jaimee Wolbert, guest blogger extraordinaire

Jaimee is a Search Engine Optimization analyst and is going to be helping out from time to time with her insightful posts on SEO and Search Marketing trends.

Her first post is about how easy it is to confuse your clients with excessive metrics when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. Look for her post coming soon and please give her a warm welcome.

Show Me Wild and Crazy

I recently got a request from a client who asked me for a design that was wild and crazy; something that no one has ever seen before.

Every time I hear this it boggles my mind and unfortunately I hear it every few months. I have three questions that instantly come to mind.

Do You Have Time to SEO?

When any business begins to think about how they are going to implement a Search Engine Optimization campaign they basically have two choices.

Despite the many SEO Dos and Don'ts, they can try and carry out an effective campaign through in-house staff, or outsource the job. Both of these choices raise many obstacles that need to be considered.

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