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How to Write Blog Posts to Increase Search Engine Traffic

Businesses put a lot of time and energy into website development, design, blogs, and search engine optimization. These elements need to be implemented into a website in order for it to be indexed and perform well on the search engines. But once you're done, you're not really done, you're just beginning.

Since you were wise enough to implement a blog into your website, you can now utilize this feature to create content that is going to increase your search engine traffic and exposure.

You Want Link Bait, Here It Is!

Link bait is what you need, but what's the best way to go about achieving it? We all know quality content is the best source of link bait, but what is quality content?

Andy Hagans’ lays out all you need to know when it comes to good link baiting and with his simple formulas, link bait doesn't seem so hard. Here are few examples:

Google Announces Backlink Tool for Webmasters

Google has released a new feature in their Webmasters Central that allows you to see the backlinks to your site.

Although this is a huge advancement to their console, Matt Cutts is quick to put things into perspective:

What All Businesses Must Have in 2007

Clients typically have many questions about specific areas of your business. Often, however, they feel that these questions are too minor and won't contact you about them. A blog will allow you to interact with your users and create relationships. If you find yourself getting a lot of the same questions, write a post or distribute articles pertaining to the information.

Just like in school, if one person has a question, it's likely that other people have the same question, and because blogs are a much less formal setting, users are more likely to raise their hands and bring up their concerns.

TopRankBlog Keeps Asking for My Link

Search Engine Marketing Blogs Update every Friday, listing some of the best blogs he finds throughout the week.

You can try to get your website included by writing a post on your blog and linking back to his list. He'll see your link in his stats then he'll check out your blog. If you make the cut, you'll get your site added to his list.

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