Redesign: United Way of Greenville County

A few screenshots of the United Way of Greenville County responsive website redesign.

Redesign: DeVita & Associates

A few screenshots of the DeVita & Associates responsive website redesign.

The Beauty of Black & White Photography

The last couple months I’ve been so busy with work that I haven’t had time to write anything new. I’ve wanted to, I really have, but at the end of the day I was so drained that I couldn’t even form a cohesive sentence. After feeling that way for too long, I decided I needed to find an outlet to take my mind off things. Sure I could play golf or go on an exciting shopping spree (#sarcastic) with my wife, but those activities tend to take a long time. I needed something that could get me away quickly.

BMW US Manufacturing Gets Redesigned

Working on a brand as prestigious as BMW really makes me excited to be a designer. While I was involved in the last BMW redesign process, this time around I played a much larger role in the overall direction of the website.

One of the biggest challenges with the new redesign was the number of orphaned pages throughout the site. When the site was in flex it allowed us to add a lot of useful tidbits of content without having them actually live in any particular section. When moving out of flex, we wanted to create a more structured navigation. The JMG team worked very closely with the client on minimizing the amount of clicks the user had to make to navigate around the site.

Content Strategy for the Web: Book Review

Content strategy is a fairly new term in the design, development and publishing industry and thankfully everyday its becoming more and more acknowledged. It’s not that we haven’t been performing content strategist type roles, but now we have defined a specific title.

Content strategy, at a very high level, relates to how content is organized, written and how it moves through your organization. If you’ve ever had to deal with generating content with more than a few people for any company you’ve no doubt realized how painful the process can be. Everybody has an opinion about content but not everyone is a qualified writer.

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